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If you would like to check shipping before you order you can go to USPS.com and calculate the price for priority shipping…. one flag in a box weighs 9 oz.  each additional flag is 2 oz.  I ship from 73025. Keep in mind that a flat rate box is $13.45 so it should never be more than that. I will ship out NEXT day AFTER payment is received (I will post if I ever get too far behind).  Once I mail them they usually take 2-3 days to get to you.

You can make any color, pattern or frame changes you want.  These flags are all custom made one at a time so please just ask for what you want, if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for chances are I can find a way to do. Just ask!!!

These flags are made from a 13 oz weight outdoor vinyl banner material.  They are approximately 12×17 inches finished.  They fit standard garden flag poles (more info on poles).  They are rated for outdoor use for 3 years.  Some fading is to be expected when placed in direct sunlight.

You can find the poles at most crafts stores, Wal-mart, or hardware stores.  Except for Lowe’s, the poles they sell have a very large loop on the end and these flags will not fit over it. The flags are generally sold seasonally so they can be hard to find in local stores during the off season.  I have looked around and this site seems to offer the best deal. http://www.united-states-flag.com/garden-flag-holder.html

The best option is to use permanent outdoor vinyl (Oracal 651).  DO NOT use HTV!!!! A little tip I found is that using the wet method to apply the vinyl is very helpful.  You may want to watch a YouTube video on this.  But basically once you are ready to apply the vinyl you spray the vinyl and transfer paper with a light mist of water mixed with a couple drops of dish soap.  This allows you a little wiggle room to move the design a bit, plus my favorite part it eliminates bubbles.  Once it is on you will need to squeegee out the extra water; you can then remove the transfer paper and let it dry!